How CSR Attracts The Best Employees

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When researching employers, potential hires are looking beyond a paycheck and year-end bonus. They seek a company whose values identify with their own; a workplace that’s fun, and a firm that’s serious about giving back. Companies with strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs show that profits are not their only priority. The most successful organizations find CSR not only pays off in creating a happier workplace and strong community bonds, but also helps retains employees and attract top-level of talent. Happy, productive employees strengthen the brand and increase profits. A Stanford Business School study shows MBAs want to work for caring and ethical employers; those who share their values.

Millennials & CSR

CSR has picked up steam, even by the most reluctant firms. A study by Net Impact Survey shows 53 percent of all workers say they want to make an impact on the job. Since CSR goes hand-in-hand with employee satisfaction and productivity, and the numbers now prove it, no company wants to be left behind.

Millennials, the largest living generation, make up 25 percent of the work force. Just as finding your purpose of life is a pathway to happiness, purpose is also the “key to exceptional performance” in the workplace, according to Harvard Business School professors.

Companies with strong CSR programs will continue to reap the benefits as millennials come of age. A 2017 Deloitte study shows millennials feel accountable for impacting the workplace and their world: “Where workplace opportunities are offered, millennials are significantly more likely to say they can influence social equality, the environment, the behavior of big business, and even the directions of their countries.”

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