35 Things We’ve Learned About Successful Businesses

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Venture Up marks its 35th anniversary in 2018. To mark the occasion, here are 35 things we’ve learned about successful businesses over the years decades.

  1. They start with a mission.
  2. They know how to regroup if they stray far from the mission.
  3. They improve people’s lives. (No product or service succeeds without showing how it makes lives better.)
  4. Their marketing message is straight to the point.
  5. They strive for continuous improvement, but they don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
  6. They’re not a one-man show nor a one-stop-shop. Even solo enterprises use products, services, or contractors to make life easier.
  7. They seek outside perspectives on how they operate. It’s hard for people involved in the business to see the forest through the trees.
  8. They show genuine gratitude. Simply saying please and thank can foster shows respect and appreciation.
  9. They know the difference between taking responsibility and micromanaging.
  10. They have a clear message that everyone in the company is ready and proud to recite.
  11. They take a proactive approach to problem-solving.
  12. They make decisions based on patterns, not reactions based on short-term losses or gains.
  13. They aren’t afraid to take calculated risks.
  14. Leaders practice the values that they preach.
  15. They compete to be better than their current state, instead of competing to be better than their competitors.
  16. They appreciate the value of every employee and contract.
  17. They get to know their team members.
  18. They establish trust in all business communication, internal or external.
  19. They create a system of checks and balances to keep the business on course. An idealistic leader should be balanced with a pragmatic leader to result in pragmatic idealism.
  20. They make long-term goals and measure incremental gains.
  21. They take themselves seriously, but not too seriously.
  22. They actively seek feedback and constructive criticism.
  23. They respond constructively to feedback and criticism.
  24. They give feedback and criticism in an informed, empathetic manner.
  25. They know better than to overpromise, because overpromising leads to under-delivering.
  26. They are organized, even when they are slammed with business; it’s more like organized chaos.
  27. They work hard, which increases their luck. Yes, luck does have something to do with success, and accepting this fact leads to a healthy amount of humility.
  28. They make decisions based on all the information, not just the bottom line.
  29. They never assume.
  30. They defer and delegate strategically.
  31. They build relationships with as many employees as possible.
  32. They take time outs.
  33. They grow themselves personally through the work of growing their business.
  34. They adapt to change and know how to scale.
  35. They love their employees and prioritize their success, even when it feels like herding cats.

At 35 years young, Venture Up knows a thing or two about effective team building! Call us to book an event in your city.