8 Ways Hotels Are Changing Post Pandemic

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Social Distancing is here to stay. Hotels, as well as businesses worldwide, are rolling forward making a healthy and safe environment the highest priority. Like many businesses, Venture Up is much reliant on hotels and group travel. In our case, not only must employees and corporate leaders have confidence to enter an enclosed metal capsule and zoom away to conferences and training sessions, but they also must feel protected during the meetings. One thing for sure, is the process will slow down and so will we.

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Here are 8 changes you can expect from hotels, and a few of our comments:

1. VIRTUAL check-ins and check-outs. VU: Always makes sense.

2. TEMPERATURE checks: Guests must have temperatures checked by nurses upon entering. If you have a fever, turn around. VU: And enter the enclosed capsule again for the ride home? Temperature checks alone do not guarantee anyone is Covid-19 free, but it’s a start.

3. ELEVATORS: 1 guest in the elevator at a time. VU: = Stairs will be crowded, baggage staff overloaded, baggage arrival will be later than the old days.

4. LINENS: Guests receive 3 separate bags — for used towels, used bedding and trash. Guests must place the bags by the door and contact housekeeping to take the bags. VU: Efficiency in this practice requires new training for staff. Rather than burden the customer to call housekeeping, staff should be ready at 8 .a.m. to noon to constantly watch for bags on each floor.

5. GYM: Social distancing requires guests to sign up for a specific time to limit the number of patrons in the gym at one time. VU: Take the stairs. Who needs a gym?

6. ROOM SERVICE: Forget it. Hotel restaurants, bars and complimentary coffee stations will also be closed indefinitely. VU: Off to the vending machines.

7. AMENTITIES: Minibars, excess hangers, excess linens and excess pillows are no longer an option. VU: Calls for upscale vending machine service, or outside restaurant delivery.

8. DEEP CLEANING: 24-hours post check out. For medical staff patrons, brand hotels require that a room stays vacant for 3 days after check out. VU: Good to hear.

Airlines and cruise ships are also gearing up to change their ways and keep customers safe following government guidelines. The new way of doing business requires much cooperation and customer compliance. Get ready.