Harnessing the Power of Thought Diversity

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. When it comes to family, mutual trust flows naturally. At work, it’s another story. In today’s diverse workplace there’s a way to tap into the power of that diversity, to build trusting relationships, and it’s a far cry from the annual company picnic. At Venture Up, we embrace […]

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Fighting Change Fatigue About Workplace Equality

Gender inequality has long overshadowed the corporate policies and business jargon complying with laws against discrimination. You don’t need statistics to know that discrimination remains widespread, and women are still underpaid. The old-fashioned logic of, “He gets paid more because he has to support a family,” hardly fits today’s working demographic, not that it was […]

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Venture Up Jessica Orrico

How Cognitive Diversity Strengthens Teams

Does the phrase “diversity training” make you cringe? Given the history of failed diversity training programs in the U.S., it’s no wonder the mere mention of the topic can make eyes roll. The wrong approach to diversity training can create the opposite of the intended effect, alienating colleagues instead of inspiring better relationships. When diversity […]

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Venture Up Focus Tubes Large event

Training in Diversity & Business Etiquette

As the world shrinks, corporations around the globe are facing diversity in the workforce like no time ever in history.  Employers now have easy access to vast resources such as Linked-in and Glassdoor, and Headhunters at corporate recruiting firms are tech-savvy and globally connected in ways never before possible. Diversity in all its forms is reflected in the […]

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Diversity Team Building Group Photo

Why Diversity Matters

If companies are raking in big profits, do CEOs really need to care if their work teams lack diversity? Maybe not in Silicon Valley, where high tech firms are dominated by white males and not under financial pressure to diversify. But the social pressure is on. When diversity is lacking in almost any other industry’s […]

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