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Five Outstanding Interview Questions

Are You Doing Interviews All Wrong? Hiring decisions are among the most important decisions in any business, because employees can be either a company’s greatest assets, or greatest liabilities. Asking the most effective interview questions in a standardized way may be key to your company’s success. Behavioral interviewing is a technique used in the hiring […]

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How Agile Is Your Organization?

Companies that respond and adapt to change direct themselves toward success, while those operating on inertia tend to fall short of their goals. When it’s time to shift gears to meet changing demands, to rise above the new competition, to adjust to industry regulations and keep pace with the vicissitudes of technology, how agile is […]

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Storytelling for Teambuilding

I’ll never forget my first day training as a Starbucks barista in 2009. Angela, my manager, walked me through the coffee tasting process, presenting me with a row of short cups of coffee, each with a different flavor. As part of the exercise, she asked me to describe the flavors I recognized. “Coffee,” I responded, […]

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