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Why Employees Need Open Mode According to John Cleese

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Long before you started reciting the Dead Parrot Sketch with other Monty Python fans, John Cleese was busy in the British theatre priming for a 40-year career in film. Today, Cleese is well known internationally for his creative genius, now extending to the world of business. His code? Open Mode, a path to creativity in any pursuit. When it comes to business, whatever the industry, everyone benefits from fostering creativity.

What is Open Mode?
Open mode is a relaxed environment in which employees feel free to be open and express ideas. If you've ever had a great idea in the shower, you know the value of open mode. There’s something about not trying to think that allows creative resources to flow. Open mode embraces creativity and supports team members in seeking out new ways to get things done. When teamwork is creative and fun, it not only translates to a happier workplace, it boosts productivity and efficiency for the organization.

Developing and maintaining a great corporate culture is really an ongoing team event. Company culture involves everyone, and is everyone. Organizational success over the long run depends on satisfied, productive employees who help maintain a positive corporate culture. A strong corporate culture is also important to attracting and retaining top talent.

Closed mode is an environment of hyper-focused attention to a task or project– what we traditionally think of as work. Keeping things in balance, with a blend of open- and closed mode, is ideal. A work environment in constant closed mode burns and bums people out, but in tandem with open mode, employees remain energized and productive.

What You Need for Open Mode
According to John Cleese, you need 5 things for open mode to work:
1. Space
2. Time
3. Time
4. Confidence
5. A 22-inch waist.
No typo here. Cleese lists “time” twice for greater effect, so realistically you only need four. Number five is a test of your sense of humor; there’s no reason to starve your staff. As long as you have space, time, confidence and a sense of humor, open mode in your office will thrive.
Cleese’s open mode lecture explains how companies can improve performance in open mode. If you’re looking for ways to ignite creativity in your team, contact Venture Up for creative team building activities.

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