Mega Boat Regatta

Venture Up Mega boats create a craft

No direction. No instructors … and no two ways to build the life-size motor-free boat that will send your team across the finish line in winning style. Quick collective thinking, creativity and problem-solving are critical to making an efficient water-worthy vessel in record time.


Venture Up provides all the the tools and resources for teams to figure out what they need and what they don’t to gain that winning edge. Building materials may include plastic piping, connectors, noodles, inflatable tubes and props, cardboard boxes, duct tape (of course), rope, fabric, wood, and a few unknowns.


Building the boats is a festive and energizing experience, but the real fun starts when the race begins! First, teams must elect a Captain and First Mate willing to test and race the boat at the same time in unchartered waters. Leadership, teamwork and clear communication determine the degree of success for each racing team.


Boats race neck and neck. Efficient vessels sail smoothly, others require a fight to the finish. In any event, the Mega Boat Regatta is fun for racers and spectators alike. Ideal for large groups, the Mega Boat Regatta and can be set up at resort pools, lakes or seaside venues.