Paper Airplane Drones

Venture Up Paper Planes example

Turn up the power and get ready for “Take Off” with Venture Up’s Paper Drone Air Plane building program. Teams are challenged to build a variety of hi-performing paper airplanes and then modify them into “hi-tech” powered Paper Drones. This Venture Up program was originally developed for the Apache helicopter pilots of the Singapore Military unit of the USArmy – and now it’s available to everyone.  These are “paper airplanes”… no flight experience, pilots license or aeronautical design work is needed.


Teams craft their planes from the Venture Up templates provided and modify their designs as needed.  Adjusting flaps, elevators, wing dimensions, and rudders to compensate for the “keels” weight and other flight issues. These paper planes turn into Paper Drones when the Power Modules are attached.  The Bluetooth controlled modules have a propeller prop spinning at over 1500 revolutions per minute… more than enough to efficiently propel the aircraft. Teams turn a smart phone into their Instrument Panel for flight controls through a downloaded controller APS, and it’s all systems go!  Air speed, fuel levels, lateral trim, horizontal rotation… Teams are judged on design, maneuverability, flight time, payload and other specifications.   Get ready for lots of crashing and lots of fun with Venture Up’s Paper Airplane Drone challenge.


The Paper Airplane Drone Challenge is often combined with Venture Up’s Mega Car or MiniCar 500 races.