Project 15 THE MAZE

Venture Up’s Project 15 THE MAZE is designed for intact teams, virtual teams, or large corporate events in a general session. It’s a Strategic Game, based in sharing information and training around best practices, mitigating problems, achieving a unified goal across multiple areas.


This multi-phase challenge runs 2.5 – 3.5 hours, and is designed for groups of 50 – 250 participants. This event can bet up with multiple teams in a single conference room or between virtual teams at various locations. Smaller teams are challenged to assemble a prefabricated “Maze System” within certain parameters. The program design allows parallel research to take place. Develop, Implement, Integrate, Replicate and Delivery. Project 15 THE MAZE is high energy fun for all participants, but the real question being explored is how to mobilize an organization made up of different small teams, and how to collaborate and learn so that the best results for the organization is achieved; not just personal or departmental excellence.